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Pick-up service

Your pet will be picked up at the veterinary center. In case of a death at the family’s residence, the pick-up will be door-to-door.

Cremation service

Our client will be able to choose among these different types of cremation:

  • Collective Cremation:

The cremation is carried out together with other pets and the family does not get the ashes back. The family can ask for a cremation form if they wish to. Sol·licitar carta d'incineració

  • Individual Cremation:

The cremation is individual and the ashes are put in a standard urn or in an urn of our catalogue chosen by the family. The vet will give the urn to the family along with the individual cremation certificate. Catàleg d'urnes

  • Presencial Individual Cremation:

Families can attend the cremation process of their pet to say their last goodbye and, later on, receive the ashes at the end of the cremation. The cremation process until the handing of the ashes lasts from 2 to 3 hours depending on the size of the pet.



  • As for individual cremations it is possible, at the family’s request, to personalize the farewell room with pictures and videos of the pet.
  • Wide urn catalogue and keepsake products.

Families can choose among different standard urn models with no cost increase or they can choose other urns or accessories from the catalogue.

Veure catàleg d’urnes i objectes de record



We add an important effort into the identification of the animal to guarantee the traceability since the pick-up at the cilinic till the end of the process.

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