Pet collection

Whenever the death of the animal occurs at the family's home we also offer the possibility of collection. The collection service is carried out within a maximum period of 12 hours from the request, within the previously agreed time slot. ( Monday to Sunday from 9am to 8pm)

What can we do when a pet dies at home?

Home pet collection request

To request the collection service, it is necessary to contact Tanatori de Mascotes (within the hours of public service), indicating the address, telephone number and type of incineration they wish to carry out.

Telephone attention:

Phones: 972 856 579 - 625 379 894 - 937 132 270

Monday to Sunday from 9am to 8pm.

Incineration type

The client can choose between the following types of incinerations:

• Individual Incineration:

The cremation is done individually and the ashes are delivered in a standard urn or the urn chosen by the family of our [category_link = 3, c =, t = Urn catalog] urns catalog [/ category_link]. The urn with the ashes is delivered to the owner together with the individual cremation letter.

• On-site Individual Incineration:

Families, reserving the day and time, can attend the cremation process of their pet to be able to say goodbye. Once the incineration process is finished (between 2 and 3 hours depending on the size) they can collect the ashes with the urn they have previously chosen.

• Collective Incineration:

Incineration is done in conjunction with other pets and family does not retrieve the ashes.

If families wish it, they can [page_link = 124, c =, t = Request cremation letter] request a cremation letter [/ page_link].


Check prices depending on the service.


Payment is made directly to Tanatori de mascotes.

• Through the web: Visa / Bizum

• By card or cash at the time of collection


1.    FAQS

Tanatori de mascotes responds

Do you have any questions? Contact us and we will answer all your questions.


How long does it take to pick up at home? Collection is made within a maximum of 12 hours from the collection request. (during working hours from 9:00 am to 8:00 pm)

What time is the collection? The Pet Funeral Home service will arrange a pick-up time with the customer.

If the death occurs at the veterinary clinic do you also do the collection? In this case, the collection, incineration and the payment are done directly with the veterinary center.

Can owners bring the pet directly to Tanatori ? Yes, they can bring him to one of the funeral locations in Polinyà, Girona, and Barcelona  within the opening hours and upon request.

In the case of non on-site individual incineration, where are the ashes returned? Once incinerated, the urn with the ashes is returned to the home’s owner within 1 week.

In case of on-site, can I choose the location where to attend the cremation? Yes, they can choose the nearest in Girona, Barcelona and Polinyà.

If the death occurs on a non-working day, is there a collection service? Yes, there is an emergency service on holidays, from 9:00 am to 8:00 pm.

Payment for home collection

If you have already contacted Tanatori de Mascotes to request home collection, you can pay for the service with the agreed concept and amount.



¿Cuánto se tarda en hacer la recogida a domicilio?

La recogida se hace en un plazo de 12 horas a partir de la solicitud de recogida. (dentro del horario laboral de 9:00h a 20:00h).

¿A qué hora se hace la recogida?

El Servicio de atención de Tanatori de Mascotes programará con el cliente la franja horaria de recogida.

¿Si la defunción se produce a la clínica veterinaria también se realiza la recogida?

En estos casos los trámites de recogida, incineración y cobro se hace directamente con el centro veterinario.

¿Los propietarios pueden llevar el animal de compañía directamente a uno de los tanatorios?

Sí, lo pueden llevar a uno de los tanatorios de Polinyà, Girona y Barcelona. Siempre dentro el horario de atención (de 9:00h a 20:00h ) y previa solicitud.

¿En el caso de una incineración individual no presencial, dónde se devuelven las cenizas?

Una vez realizada la incineración la urna con las cenizas se devuelven al domicilio en un plazo de una semana.

¿En el caso de una presencial, puedo escoger el Tanatorio donde asistir a la incineración?

Sí, pueden escoger el Tanatorio más cercano de Girona, Barcelona y Polinyà.

¿Si la defunción se produce en festivo, existí el Servicio de recogida?

Sí, existe un servicio de urgencias para días festivos, dentro la franja horaria de 9:00h a 20:00h..

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